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About the founder

Alicia Barber is a neuroscience PhD candidate at Dartmouth focused on therapeutic and biomarker development for Alzheimer’s disease with the goal of advancing precision medicine applications in dementia care. Alicia earned a Master of Philosophy in Translational Biomedical Research from the University of Cambridge in 2018, where she was rigorously trained in clinical trial design, drug development, and rare disease studies.

She is passionate and knowledgeable about clinical trial advancements for brain diseases, preclinical neuroscience research, elder care advocacy and long-term care facilities, as well as women’s brain health. 

Science-based Advocacy & Journalism

Alicia is a staunch advocate for her grandmother, and the dementia community at large, and has been featured on various news outlets promoting policy reform and sharing her personal experience with the disease.

She also serves as a contributing writer for health and science news sites, publishing articles on a range of topics including interviews with early-stage dementia patients and caregivers, digestible explanations of new research and clinical trials, and reports on end-of-life care and the impact of COVID-19. 

Social Media Content Creation 

Alicia has garnered over 40k followers on TikTok as she creates heartwarming and motivational video content that has caught the attention of millions. She has spoken at a number of universities about her journey as a young woman in STEM, and mentors high school students through independent neuroscience research projects.

Our Mission

Brain Health Media was created with the goals of communicating complex neuroscience to our society and sharing inspirational stories of real-life heroes battling against brain diseases each day. 

Let’s Work Together

Please reach out to share tips for stories, request commentary for news articles, inquire about content collaborations, or book media appearances! 

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